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If You've Been Struggling With How to Gain a Competitive Edge In Your Job Search...

You Will Learn How To...

  • Stand Out From The Crowd!

  • Achieve Gainful Employment!

  • Advance In Your Career!

  • Be Rewarded Personally and Financially!

  • Elevate Your Skills!

  • Perform Well at Interviews!

  • Demonstrate Your Value!

  • Increase Your Earning Potential

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What You Will Know After Completing This Course

Kicking off a job hunt or trying to reenergize an existing search can feel a bit daunting. But, having a comprehensive job-search game plan can make this whole process a lot easier. You will know...

  • How to Define Your Personal and Career Goals

  • How to Update Your Resume

  • How to Write a Dazzling Cover Letter

  • How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

  • How to Work Your Network

  • How to Know Your Resources

  • How to Make a Job Search Schedule

  • How to Flex Your Follow-Up

  • How to Manage Your Communications

  • How to Write an Awesome Thank You Note

Are You Ready to Land the Job You Want?

Seize the moment and learn how to Jump Start your career...Elevate your skills...Increase your earning potential...and Find the Job You Will Love!

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